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  • Participantes do Forum visitam Unidade de Triagem

    04 Nesta terça-feira (14) na véspera da abertura do 7 Forum Internacional de Resíduos Sólidos, um grupo de participantes participou de visita acompanhada à CEAR Cooperativa de Educação Ambiental e Reciclagem Sepé Tiaraju, localizada no bairro Navegantes em Porto Alegre.

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  • Porto Alegre: mais resíduo, pouca reciclagem

    christianEstudo mostra que geração aumenta, mas aproveitamento não acompanha. A geração de resíduos em Porto Alegre cresceu 30% em seis anos — desde 2008 até 2014 — passando de 0,86 kg para 1,12 kg por pessoa, por dia, em média. Apesar da coleta seletiva, uma ínfima parte, apenas 4,6% de todos os recicláveis, são efetivamente aproveitados. Todo o resto se perde.

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Foto: Alfonso Abraaham

About Porto Alegre

The Rio Grande do Sul capital is a metropolis with almost 1.5 million inhabitants. The city grew on the banks of the Guaiba river, what many call the river although it is a lake, according to studies at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul.

Parks and squares well-maintained invite visitors to meet Porto Alegre walk. Porto Alegre has neighborhoods that fit into each preferred leisure options. Good pubs dominate the Lower City. In the Moinhos de Vento district, Padre Chagas Street, also called the "Walk of Fame", the place attracts young hipsters and more of the state's elite.

Many of Porto Alegre's hotels, shopping centres and tourist attractions can be found in or near the historic city centre, next to the 7FIRS place, and parts of downtown can be comfortably explored on foot. The city's bus system is comprehensive and reliable; adult bus fare starts at around BRL 3,25. Visitors generally prefer to hire their own cars, or make use of the plentiful taxis or Lotacao, distinctive red vans which stop at any point when hailed.

In gastronomy, despite the fame of its export steakhouses, has a great variety of restaurants serving different types of dishes.

Getting to the city

From Salgado Filho International Airport (

Salgado Filho International Airport is 10 km from the center. Bus line and trains make the same path (for the latter, access is via airmobile at Terminal 1 to the airport metro station). Conorte provides public bus service via routes B09 and B091.

Renting of cars

Hertz, Avis and Budget are among the car hire companies represented at the airport.

Airport taxis

By taxi, paid on average R$20 to the central region. Cootaero provides taxi service from the airport at fixed rates. Bilingual drivers are available.

From Porto Alegre Bus Station

Bus timetable - price ticket (

The Porto Alegre Bus Station is run by the company Veppo & Cia Ltda. It receives bus companies doing state, national and international travels.

Address: Largo Vespasiano Júlio Veppo, 70 - Centro, Porto Alegre - RS, 90035-040

Phone: (51) 3210-0101


Suggested Accommodation

Eko Residence Hotel (

With the objective of causing the least possible environmental impact, Eko Residence invests in a planned infrastructure that respects the environment. With an innovative concept, the hotel offers a unique advantage for its guests, promoting the environmental preservation through a simple check in.

Read more about Eko Residence's Sustainability Programme (in portuguese). 

Location: Av. Des. André da Rocha, 131 - Centro Histórico - Porto Alegre

Check here the routes to get from the Hotel to the Event site.


In order to proceed with your reservation get in contact with the Hotel and inform that you will be attending the International Forum on Solid Waste for special prices. 

Phone: (51) 3215-7738 or (51) 3215-7729 



R$165,00   R$175,00   R$247,50  R$330,00

SPECIAL PRICES FOR THE ENTIRE THREE DAYS OF THE EVENT (from June 14th to 17th  OR from 15th to 18th)

R$480,00   R$510,00   R$720,00  R$960,00


Suggested Turistic Programs
Para tornar sua vinda ao Rio Grande do Sul ainda melhor, a Giordani Turismo preparou pacotes para o final de semana na serra gaúcha com um valor especial para os participantes do 7FIRS. Incluem três opções de hotéis - Spa do Vinho, Hotel Laghetto Viverone, Hotel Vinocap -, passeios, jantares e transfer.

Package Spa do Vinho Hotel  
Package Vinocap Hotel
Package Viverone Hotel



1st DAY – 15/06/2016 (WEDNESDAY)
Timetable Activities
09:30 am Opening Lecture:  Solid Waste contribution to Climate Change

Speaker: Profº Dr. Osvaldo Soliano Pereira
10 am

Panel 1 - Political, juridical and technical framework for waste management in BRICS countries

Here will be dealt the main problems faced by BRICS countries concerning the management of solid waste and the specific approaches that these countries have adopted to deal with these issues. In addition to the Brazilian government, also confirmed presence representatives of Russia, India, China and South Africa. It is also expected that as a result of this panel will be prepared a joint document aimed at cooperation between these countries on the issues raised.

  • BRAZIL: Arlinda Cézar Matos
  • RUSSIA: Mariia Liubarskaia
  • INDIA: Kumanduri Ranga Chari
  • CHINA: Hui Li
  • SOUTH AFRICA: Linda Godfrey
  • Participation of the ABRELPE/CCAC: Gabriela Gomes Prol Otero

Coordination: Surya Prakash Chandak (INDIA)

1 pm Lunch break
2 pm Oral reports – Scientific Papers

Papers will be selected for presentation amongst the works submitted to the Scientific Commission of 7FIRS.

Commission members: Profª Izabel Zaneti; Profª Maria Vitória Ferrari; Profª Naná Mininni Medina.

3 pm MP's role in the Implementation of the National Policy for Solid Waste: focus on urban waste

Speaker: Dr. Daniel Martini

 4pm Cofee Break
4:30 pm Panel: Package waste management in the context of the Sectorial Agreement 

How occurs the operationalization of Reverse Logistics System as determined in the Sector Agreement signed on November 25, 2015, in the context of shared responsibility for packages present in the dry fraction of MSW or equivalent. In which terms happens the partnership with cooperatives, as well as the promotion of campaigns in order to raise consumer awareness about the correct separation and disposal of packaging.

  • Flávio de Miranda Ribeiro
  • Telma Bartholomeu Silva
  • Alexandre Cardoso

CoordInation: Dr. Caroline Vaz

6 pm Closure of activities for the day
2nd DAY – 16/06/2016 (THURSDAY)
Timetable Activities
09 am Panel 3 - Techniques and technologies for treatement, disposal and remediation 

This panel will bring the scenarios for final disposal and treatment of waste in Brazil. Also, address the treatment of leachate and membranes for water purification: technical, economic and environmental aspects and the Brazilian model of reverse logistics of used or contaminated lubricating oils.

  • Eleusis Bruder Di Creddo
  • Odilon Gaspar Amado Júnior
  • Walter Plácido
  • Hassan Sohn

CoordinationHorlandezan Berlidez

11:30 am Oral reports – Scientific Papers

Papers will be selected for presentation amongst the works submitted to the Scientific Commission of 7FIRS.

Commission members: Profª Izabel Zaneti; Profª Maria Vitória Ferrari; Profª Naná Mininni Medina.

12:30 Lunch break
2 pm Panel 4 - Life Cycle Evaluation as tool for the PNRS (National Policy on Solid Waste) 

This panel discusses the relationship between reverse logistics provided by the National Policy of Solid Waste, and the methodology of evaluation of life cycle and the importance of this method for quantifying the impacts of disposed products especially the phases of reuse and recycle ant the use of waste and co-products as feedstock. In this context, the panel shows the LCA as a powerful instrument based on systems thinking for the implementation of the National Policy on Solid Waste.

  • Yuki Onda Kabe
  • Kátia Boeto Miller
  • Osvaldo Soliano

Coordination: Carlos Moraes

4 pm Coffee Break
4:30 pm Panel 5 - Management of drugs and their packages in the context of the Sectorial Agreement 

The panel will address the advances and difficulties of the sectoral agreement for the implementation of the reverse logistics for waste drugs and their packaging, whose suggestions are being analyzed by the staff of the federal government, representatives of the pharmaceutical industry, traders and laboratories. As the pharmaceutical supply chain is organizing for this, as well as hospitals and clinics, which are another important link in the supply of medicines to the population. Also, it will be presented the management models for such waste  that are already applied in some regions of Brazil.

  • Debora Melecchi
  • Serafim Branco Neto
  • Marcos Morucci

Coordination: to be defined

6 pm Closure of activities for the day
3rd DAY – 17/06/2016 (FRIDAY)
Timetable Activity
9 am

Oral reports – Successful cases

PSA- Providers of Environmental Services  (Renova Resíduos/ Joplast)
Presenters: Ana Cristina Curia e Marise Keller

Reverse Logistics for Promotional Banners (Fundo de Quintal)
Presenter: Liliane dos Santos Linhares

Coordination: Ana Garcia

Panel 6 - II Exchange of Techniques and Practices of Management in Organizations of Collectors 
The Panel deals with the social aspects of waste management in Brazil and Sweden as an exchange of good management practices. Also covers the contribution of Collectors of Recyclable Materials and their socio-productive inclusion. It also presents the management of selective waste collection, sustainable business in solidarity networks and projects in partnership with the government and companies.

10 am Opening lecture: Social aspects of Waste Management in Sweden – Dra. Marisa Soares Borges
10:30 am State of Rio Grande do Sul: Overview – Valtemir Goldmeyer
11:00 am Municipality of Porto Alegre: Overview – Denise Costa
11:30 am Selective Collection in the city of São Paulo with Inclusion: Fórum para o Desenvolvimento da Zona Leste  Delaine Romano 
12:00 Conversation with the audience
1 pm Lunch break
2 pm Organizing Waste Collectors in networks: an alternative for structuring sustainable business SP – Geraldo Virgínio 
2:20 pm Management in Collectors Organizations: Case UFRJ ReciclaRio – Luís Santiago
2:40 pm Managing People: Case REDESOL/MG – Neide 
3 pm Recycle Pernambuco – Bertrand Sampaio (IEPE)
3:20 pm Conversation with the audience
4 pm Coffee Break
4:30 pm Performance indicators in Porto Alegre's Plan for Integrated Management of Solid Waste – Prof. Christian Silva (UFTP)
4:50 pm Presentation of ongoing projects in the Observatory for the National Policy on Solid Waste – Luciana Freitas (Executive Vice-President on the Observatory of PNRS)
17:10 pm Conversation with the audience
17:40 pm Closing ceremony of 7FIRS and final remarks on next edition 


Panelists and event guests are in the selected group of academic and scientific authorities in their respective areas, as well as businessmen and representatives of organizations with outstanding activity in the area of solid waste. See their backgrounds in the "Panelists" tab on the Home page of this portal.