The General Superintendency of the Administrative Council for Economic Defense (SG/CADE) approved the creation of an authority for managing the reverse logistics of electrical and electronic products. The official communication was already published this month in the official gazette of the government. The existence of this manager was a claim of ABINEE, the Brazilian Association of Electrical and Electronics Industry.

      Oficina sobre lixo eletrônico realizada pelo Instituto Venturi em Cratéus
      How it will work
      The entity will aim to manage and employ reverse logistics of consumer electronics products manufactured by companies that may eventually join the body. With this new mechanism, the guidelines released by the National Solid Waste Policy (Law No. 12.305 / 2010) will be achieved.

      Market expectations
      According to the decision of SG/CADE, the new entity shall trigger a significant increase in reverse logistics market demand, a fact that will generate positive economic impact and sponsor a healthy competitive scenario.

      Admission criteria
      Those interested in participating in the future managing entity should have a profile that matches a set of objective and non-discriminatory criteria.

      02 imagem Maiores informes
      Para informações adicionais, os interessados devem contatar Ademir Brescansin, Gerente de Sustentabilidade da Abinee, no fone (11) 2175-0015.


      Photos: Workshop on e-waste realized by Instituto Venturi in the municipality of Cratéus.

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