BVRio published a new report about Reverse Logistics Credits, an innovative system to facilite the socially inclusive waste collection and recycling solution for urban centers. The report shows the results of an initial trial in Brazil, conducted with two leading consumer goods companies.

      bvrioThe system of Reverse Logistics Credits was developed by BVRio to assist companies to meet their obligations under the Brazilian Solid Waste Legislation while rewarding informal waste pickers (catadores) for their role. In order to test the system and demonstrate a proof of concept, BVRio identified industry champions that agreed to pioneer its use and provide leadership in their respective sectors. A pilot project (April 2014 – March 2015) was conducted with two leading consumer goods companies in Brazil: O Boticário in the cosmetics industry and biscuit manufacturer Biscoitos Piraquê. The companies bought Reverse Logistics Credits through the platform over the period of one year, to ‘neutralize’ the impact of the solid waste generated by their products, predominantly different types of plastics and glass.

      The Reverse Logistics Credit system is ready to be used, and has the potential to provide a socially, economically and environmentally positive approach to waste collection and recycling in the developing world. To know the project in its entirety and download the Report, just go to the BVRio website, as indicated in the source below.



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